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If you’re looking for a Suzuki outboard dealer, Rogue Motion has a team of re-power experts and certified technicians that are ready to take your boat to the next level. Every installation is unique to its boat and owner and we are here to customize it to your needs! If your current engine setup is not performing well or getting old, the timing might be right for a re-power. Browse our Suzuki outboards for sale in Charleston, SC, below. Then, call us or stop by with your boat to get your customized re-power quote today!

The #1 Suzuki Outboard Dealer in Charleston, SC

If you have questions about our Suzuki outboards for sale, Suzuki outboard prices, specific needs for your boat, or anything else, please don’t hesitate to contact us.


2024 Suzuki DF350AMD
2024 Suzuki DF350A
2024 Suzuki DF300BMD
2024 Suzuki DF300AP
2024 Suzuki DF300B
2024 Suzuki DF250SS
2024 Suzuki DF250ATSS
2024 Suzuki DF250ATSSW
2024 Suzuki DF250AP
2024 Suzuki DF250T
2024 Suzuki DF225T
2024 Suzuki DF200SS